Students at every level are expected to write about their reading. But without explicit instruction on how to weave together the inference with evidence and explanation, a polished, constructed response will be out of reach for most students.

During this webinar, author and literacy consultant Kristina Smekens empowers educators with practical and engaging strategies to help all students tackle grade-appropriate constructed-response writing with confidence.
  • Review the K-12 expectations found in the English Language Arts Standards for brief, constructed responses required on state assessments.
  • Learn how primary, ELLs, and non-writers can accomplish these same expectations in developmentally-appropriate ways.
  • Understand how popular acronyms (such as RACE, Yes, MA’AM, and CER) each target the same constructed-response ingredients.
  • Receive a scaffold of writing-after-reading lesson ideas that progress across several weeks of whole-class instruction.
Kristina Smekens
President & Lead Consultant at Smekens Education
Kristina Smekens has built a reputation for using enthusiasm, humor, and common sense to equip K-12 educators with practical, demystifying strategies for teaching reading and writing.

As president and lead consultant for Smekens Education, she is constantly developing new strategies to help teachers meet the demands of today’s College and Career-Ready Standards.
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