Regardless of a text’s topic, type, or complexity, students at every grade level must learn how to make inferences. Thinking beyond the text is the foundation of most of the reading comprehension standards. During this practical and engaging webinar, K-12 educators will learn the concrete, five-step process to help students infer author ideas—even if they lack background knowledge on the subject matter.
  • Observe the five-step process applied to multiple text types.
  • Receive numerous lesson concepts to explicitly define and dissect the invisible inference process for students.
  • Learn explicit strategies to overcome a reader’s lack of text-to-self connections or personal experiences.
Kristina Smekens
President & Lead Consultant at Smekens Education
Kristina Smekens has built a reputation for using enthusiasm, humor, and common sense to equip K-12 educators with practical, demystifying strategies for teaching reading and writing.

As president and lead consultant for Smekens Education, she is constantly developing new strategies to help teachers meet the demands of today’s College and Career-Ready Standards.
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